Controversial Album Covers V (Pt. 18)

Year: 1993

Blink 182: Flyswatter
The Problem: The cover shows a blue background with a parody of the MLB team Atlanta Braves logo. The Braves sued the band because the “A” on the cover is mocking their logo. Many fans of the Braves were confused by the cover, thinking it is an album by the Atlanta Braves. The team also claimed that the band had never had their permission to parody the “A” on the cover.
My Take: Maybe they should’ve asked? I noticed that side text says, “F*** in the Wilderness Records.” No one complained about that, but then again it was 1993. Interesting that there isn’t a wiki page for this album. I wonder why, seriously, I do wonder.
Burzum: Aske
The Problem: The cover is a photograph of the Fantoft Stave Church after its arson on 6 June 1992. Varg Vikernes (composer and player of one-man band Burzum) was strongly suspected of burning the church, and the photograph is widely believed to have been taken by Vikernes himself.
My Take: If you are guilty of committing a crime, such as arson, wouldn’t be smart not to use the evidence as your album cover? Just saying.

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