Controversial Album Covers V (Pt. 15)

Year: 1990

Vio-Lence: Oppressing the Masses

The Problem: The album cover shows an image of multiple hands holding the heads of naked men. Like their debut album, Eternal Nightmare (see the Controversial Albums Covers V Pt. 13), the cover of Oppressing the Masses caused some controversy, and as a result, some retail stores refused to sell it. The album also caused controversy for the song “Torture Tactics”, which was removed from the original copies because of Atlantic’s objection to the lyrical content.

My Take: This is an interesting display that we have here. I’m now curious about the song “Torture Tactics.” I’ll look it up later. Be right back… *Minutes later* Just looked up the lyrics. All I can say for that song is, Holy crap!

FireHouse: FireHouse

The Problem: The cover gained controversy because it featured a picture of a woman standing far away from a house on fire. Due to its violent cover, the album was banned in Russia. Russia’s reaction to the picture was “This is too violent!”. Despite the controversy, the album has never had an alternative cover.

My Take: Oh yeah, she doesn’t look guilty! It’s a cool pic and I’m dying to know what led to this point. I love how Russia is cool with mistreating homosexuals, but find this picture “too violent.” She just holding a match as the house is burning the background. *Cough*Hypocrites*Cough*

Geto Boys: The Geto Boys

The Problem: The album cover is a parody of The Beatles’ 1970 album Let It Be, which caused some controversy. The original Def American pressing included the following warning in addition to the standard explicit-lyrics sticker: “Def American Recordings is opposed to censorship. Our manufacturer and distributor, however, do not condone or endorse the content of this recording, which they find violent, sexist, racist, and indecent.” Def American Recordings is a reference to the label that released the album. Subsequent reissues of The Geto Boys do not contain the aforementioned warning on the cover.

My Take: I’m not seeing how this is a parody of Let it Be. I just see four mugshots. Interesting that let copies of this album doesn’t have the warning, however.

Social Distortion: Social Distortion


The Problem: The cover features 3 pieces of ripped paper all drawn in blue and on a gray background. The first piece features Al Capone with a tommy gun and is kicking a door with his right foot. The second piece shows a woman who clearly became drunk and is holding an empty beer bottle. The final piece features Marilyn Monroe putting on thigh high stockings. Many chain stores refused to sell the album because of the Al Capone picture on the cover. Despite the controversy, the band refused to change the artwork.

My Take: All because Al Capone is on the cover? That’s just a stupid reason.

Iron Maiden: No Praying for the Dying

The Problem: The cover features the band’s mascot, Eddie bursting from a grave and choking a grave digger. Music stores such as Best Buy, and HMV refused to sell the CD. The album was re-released in 1998 and just features Eddie and removes the grave digger. The original artwork was moved onto the disc.

My Take: Hi, Eddie! Nice to see you again. It’s not as bad as the covers I have posted in this blog.


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