Controversial Album Covers V (Pt. 14)

Year: 1989

NOFX: S&M Airlines

The Problem: Both the album title and cover clearly reference sexual bondage. It depicts an image of a woman wearing a BDSM on her neck and holding a leather strap, who is sitting on top of an airplane that is flying above an orange cloud. Also on the cover, one of her breasts is exposed but not completely. NOFX would see controversy again seven years later with their sixth studio album Heavy Petting Zoo; unlike that album, S&M Airlines has never had an alternative cover.

My Take: Compared to this and Heavy Petting Zoo and Eating Lamb, this actually better. Those poor sheep did not deserve to be molested like that! In case you’re new to this display, please refer to the post Controversial Album Covers II, Pt. 16 here.

Ice-T: The Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech… Just Watch What You Say!

The Problem: The album cover features an image of a b-boy with a shotgun shoved in Ice-T’s mouth, and two pistols pressed against each side of his head. Because of the artwork, the album was banned from many chain stores. Ice-T has said that the cover reflected his experiences with the concept of freedom of speech. Despite the controversy, the album has never had an alternative cover.

My Take: Ice-T! It’s been so long since you made this list, how have you been doing? It’s kind of hard to envision this album cover with the guy that plays a cop on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. The guns are a little bit much though.


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