Controversial Album Covers V (Pt. 13)

Year: 1988

Metallica: …And Justice for All

The Problem: The album cover features the statue of Lady Justice cracked, bound by ropes, her breasts exposed, and both of her scales filled with dollars. Like their first album Kill ‘Em All (see Part eight for details), …And Justice for All has never had an alternative cover.

My Take: Doesn’t Lady Justice have her breasts exposed anyway? What’s the big problem?

Vio-Lence: Eternal Nightmare

The Problem: The album cover shows an image of a man in bed who is about to land in a screaming mouth with three rows of sharp teeth. Both the album and its cover sparked some controversy and caused retail stores, such as Walmart and Kmart, not to sell it. Vio-Lence would see controversy again on their next album.

My Take: Well, it lives up to the album title. That would freak me out just thinking about this picture. Plus, I imagine the mouths would not smell pleasant either. Then again, metal albums tend to look rather scary-looking anyway, so… yeah.

Bad Religion: Suffer

The Problem: The album cover features an animated photograph of a teenage man on fire, who is wearing a t-shirt of Bad Religion’s crossbuster logo. Many chain stores refused to sell the album because of the cover, which they thought was “too violent”. Despite the controversy, Bad Religion did not change the artwork.

My Take: It reminds me of that video with the man running down the street on fire. I don’t know what the song or who the artist is; maybe some of you lovely people can fill me in? Anyway, just like Wish You Were Here, it’s not “too violent” as they claim. There is no blood, injuries, or gut or limbs being ripped out; the kid’s just on fire. Come on, guys. Loose up some, okay?


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