Controversial Album Covers III (Pt. 6.)

Year: 1983

Black Sabbath: Born Again

The Problem: The cover art, designed by Steve Joule, features an image of an infant with horns and vampire fangs. The cover eventually caused controversy and has been hated by some fans. Drummer Bill Ward has said that he did not like the album’s cover and according to him, then-singer Ian Gillan told the press that he vomited when he first saw the cover. Guitarist Tony Iommi approved the album cover. Despite the controversy, the album has never had an alternate cover.

My Take: A face only a mother could love– if that mother was blind in one eye and had a sort of milky film over the other one. You know it’s bad when not only the censorship-happy folks, but some of the fans and two of your bandmates hate it. Opps!


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