Controversial Album Covers II (Pt. 21)

Year: 2008

Crystal Castles: Crystal Castles

The Problem: The albums original artwork, a black and white image of Madonna with a black eye with ‘c/r/y/s/t/a/l c/a/s/t/l/e/s’ written across it, was originally going to be cover art of the bands debut album but the artist who created the image sued them because they did not have copyright. Instead an image of both members of the band standing in a street, leaning forward so their faces cannot be seen was hastily taken and used for artwork. However the Madonna image already featured on band merchandise and as the art for their first single “Alice Practice” so they were forced to buy rights to the image.

My Take: Why not just go ahead and buy the rights from the beginning and save themselves the trouble? I’m just saying…

*Update: There is a correction in the comments section below.

James: Hey Ma

The Problem: The album cover was promoted on billboards, although all billboard posters for the album were banned less than a month before the album’s release because of fears concerning that the baby is depicted with a gun in the cover image. Despite the controversy, the band refuse to replace the image.

My Take: Oh look, supporting second amendments rights at an early age. Though, right on for the band keeping the image. So well done to them!


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  1. Daniel
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 10:19:22

    Crystal Castles corrections. CC had bought the art for $300 to use on their debut 2006 vinyl EP. When Brown found out they also wanted to use the image for their 2008 CD (a collection of their sold-out EPs) he demanded $10,000. CC did not hastily take a new photo: the photo they ended up using on the cover (with heads down) had been their myspace default photo since 2005.



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