Controversial Album Covers II (Pt. 20)

Year: 2007

The Chemical Brothers: We Are the Night

The Problem: The original cover, which featured human eyes on human hands, resembled a work by Herbert Bayer and was discontinued in 2008 due to legal reasons. The cover was replaced with a purple silhouette of the hands.

My Take: I think it looks neat. Maybe they should have asked for permission to use the picture first. Then, they still would have had it as an album cover.

The Imperial Orgy: All God’s Children

The Problem: The cover depicted cartoon images of a green dinosaur, an African child with a machine gun, and Mickey Mouse portrayed as a Nazi with a Hitler mustache and a red armband. The cover caused the CD to be banned from radio stations across the country. WFCF Radio of Florida stated that the station “Did not want to subject their listeners to a band that would portray Mickey as a Nazi.” Band leader Caeser Pink defended the song as a statement against consolidation of mass media, and the use of media to keep the public engaged in shallow entertainment, such as the flood of pop stars from the Disney Studios that have dominated American culture. Pink further claimed that the radio station bans constituted censorship of free speech on political grounds.

My Take: I think Nazi Mickey Mouse is pretty funny!


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