Controversial Album Covers II (Pt. 18)

Year: 2001

Strokes: Is This It?


The Problem: The original cover art featured a photograph of a woman’s nude bottom and hip, with a leather-gloved hand suggestively resting on it. Copies of this album were banned and the cover art was changed to a microscopic close-up of particle collisions.

My Take: I never knew this cover existed. This one is more cheeky and plays with the title itself. The censored one looks dull compared to this one. Good for this one.

Tenacious D: Tenacious D

The Problem: The album cover depicts a parody of the Tarot card The Devil, showing the devil along with both members in the band below the devil naked. Because of the cover’s satanic nature, the album was briefly recalled from stores.
My Take: Oh lighten up! It’s Tenacious D. They never do anything serious. This is just a joke for the world to see. So lighten up people!

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