Controversial Album Covers II (Pt. 16)

Year: 1996

NOFX: Heavy Petting Zoo/Eating Lamb

The Problem: The cover art for Heavy Petting Zoo, by illustrator Mark deSalvo, depicts a man sexually touching a sheep. The LP version was even more graphic, showing the same man and sheep, except in Position 69. The title itself is a play on words, with the phrases heavy petting and petting zoo combined to suggest taboo human-to-animal interactions. The alternate LP title, Eating Lamb, suggests both regular eating and the slang use that means performing oral sex, and the cover art shows a human “eating [a] lamb” in the latter sense.

My Take: This is some freaky ass shit! The poor lamb doesn’t deserve to be molested like that. Usually, I like plays on words. But this… yeah…


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