Controversial Album Covers II (Pt. 12)

Year: 1992

Paris: Sleeping with the Enemy

The Problem: The original album cover showed Paris hiding behind a tree with a gun (while then-president Bush was waving to the crowd) waiting to assassinate him. Like his previous album, the final release showed another regular face shot of him.

My Take: Where was this image when Bush Jr. was ruining the country? Oh that’s right! To quote Kayne West, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people!” Same goes for his daddy.

Ugly Kid Joe: America’s Least Wanted

My Problem: The album cover depicts the impostor statue of liberty’s right hand gesturing an upraised middle finger. Several national chains refused to sell the album, and a more censored version was manufactured for some retailers that featured the same boy on the original cover, who is tied up and wrapped in chains, and has his right hand covered in duct tape.

My Take: The edited image doesn’t look that great compared to this cover. Ooo, ah, it’s the bird! Everyone has it! Lighten up America!


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