Controversial Album Covers II (Pt. 11)

Year: 1991

Marduk: Fuck Me Jesus

My Problem: The cover shows a naked woman masturbating with a crucifix. The album was banned in various countries.

My Take: This is… Whoa… Uh… Wow… Okay… (Make up yourself own joke here!)

Tad: 8-Way Santa

My Problem: The original cover featured a picture of a man fondling a woman’s breast. Tad ran into legal trouble after the man and woman featured on the album cover saw the record and sued the band. Sub Pop was forced to change the album cover to a group shot.

My Take: Where did they think this picture was going to go? This is just like the people that complain about their privacy being invaded on MySpace and Facebook. Don’t post compromising pictures of yourself on the internet. Same to agreeing to taking pictures for band album covers. So there.

Negativland: U2

My Problem: The cover features the album title, “U2”, as a very large logo, with the band’s name in small text beneath the album. Island Records sued the band for the use of the misleading album cover because “U2” is trademark of the label. The cover is both misleading and an attempt to confuse fans of U2, an Irish band of the same name, to make fans believe it is a new album by U2. The songs on the album were too controversial, as they were versions of a song by the Irish band U2 which were copied without permission.

My Take: “It’s never too soon to start working on a phony Irish accent!” I can see the complaint. Maybe they should have “Negativland” in big letters instead of “U2.”


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