Controversial Album Covers II (Pt. 8)

Year: 1989

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Mother’s Milk

The Problem: The album cover features a black and white photograph of the band sprawled across the arms of a proportionately larger naked woman. A rose conceals one of her nipples while Kiedis’ standing body conceals the other. Several national chains refused to sell the record because they believed the female subject displayed too much nudity. A stricter censored version was manufactured for some retailers that featured the band members in far larger proportion than the original.

My Take: It’s not that bad. You can’t really see anything with Keidis and a rose blocking the view. Plus, the cover plays into the title. People need to lighten up.

The Offspring: The Offspring

The Problem: The album cover originally featured a picture of a man’s body exploding as a creature resembling the xenomorph from the Alien franchise holding a Stratocaster guitar emerges from his chest. Copies of this album were banned and an alternate cover was created for later reissues.


My Take: This looks creepy. All I can think of is the movie, Ailens, with this cover. The alternate cover looks kind of lame compared to this one. *Cough*Nightmare Fuel*Cough*
Pestilence: Consuming Impulse


My Problem: The album cover was originally going to depict a group of people eating each other, but at the last minute, without the band’s permission, Pestilence’s then-label Roadrunner Records replaced the cover; the band never liked the outcome. The replacement cover features a face covered with ants.


My Take: Comparing this cover to the final one, it’s more of six in one hand and half-dozen in the other. The label should have asked to change the album cover first. You don’t do that to the artist. They are the ones that make the money for you. You piss them off, they will leave you. Keep that in mind, people!

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