Controversial Album Covers Pt. 31

Year: 2001

Slayer: God Hates Us All

The Problem: The cover depicts a Bible spiked with nails, covered in blood and “Slayer” burnt across it, while the liner notes feature Bible verses crossed out with a black marker. The cover art was deemed “too graphic” by some audiences, so a slipcase was placed in front of the cover.

My Take: Don’t piss off the Christians, man! They will come at you with all that they have and stomp you down into submission to join them. I know, I’ve seen them do it! This just screams, “Attack us, church! We really need the attention!” Then again looking at the title and knowing Slayer, there is not much to be shocked about with this cover after all.

Dream Theater: Live Scenes from New York

The Problem: This is a 3 disc live album originally released on September 11, 2001, but when it was noticed that the cover artwork depicted the twin towers of the World Trade Center in flames, it was recalled and re-released a short time later with different artwork.

My Take: Ah, 9/11 just ruins everything. They got the idea from one of their preivous albums. This cover actually looks cool. The edited one looks dumb. Too bad the Twin Towers had to be destoryed that day. Darn it.

The Coup: Party Music

The Problem: The original cover art, designed in June 2001, depicted Boots Riley and Pam the Funkstress appearing to detonate the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. After the September 11 attacks, the album’s release was delayed until November 2001 to allow new cover art to be used.

My Take: Timing sucks in this case. Great concept, bad year! It’s not their fault, they came up with this cover back in June ’01. They didn’t see 9/11 coming. No one could. (If they could, lucky guess. Or rather, unlucky guess.) Either way, timing is the real loser for this one.

Andrew W.K.: Andrew W.K.

The Problem: Andrew W.K.’s bloody album cover for Andrew W.K. Some debate occurred with retailers who felt the image promoted cocaine use. Some sold a covered version of the album.

My Take: No-o. This just says, “I just got beat up, robbed, and had my face smashed into a brick wall by a bunch of thugs.”


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