Controversial Album Covers Pt. 28

Year: 1998

Marilyn Manson: Mechanical Animals

The Problem: The cover art features Manson posing as a naked androgynous alien.

My Take: And weren’t surprised by this, because? He’s Marylin Manson, for Pete sakes! We should be used to this by now!

Millencolin: Tiny Tunes

The Problem: The album’s title and cover art mimicked the cartoon television show Tiny Toon Adventures, leading to a number of copyright infringement lawsuits against the band by Warner Brothers, this led to the name being changed to Same Old Tunes and replacing the cover.

My Take: The band as had copyright issues with Disney with the song, “Disney Time” and Chiquita Brands International because they used an imitation of their logo on t-shirts for the song, “Chiquita Chaser.” Did somebody want to get sued that year? Was that what that was? Looking for some attention?


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