Controversial Album Covers Pt. 26

Year: 1996

Matchbox Twenty: Yourself or Someone Like You

The Problem: In May 2005 Matchbox Twenty was sued by the subject of the cover, Frank Torres. Torres claimed that the band had never sought his permission to use his photo on the album’s cover and that the photo had been the cause of mental anguish. Torres justified the delay in suing Matchbox Twenty by claiming he had only seen the album photo within the last two years.

My Take: Why sue after so long? I would think you would you have seen the picture between ’96 to ’05. Have you been out of touch that long? It just doesn’t make sense.

John Cougar Mellencamp: Mr. Happy Go Lucky

The Problem: John Cougar Mellencamp’s album Mr. Happy Go Lucky featured the devil and Jesus in the background of the image. Wal-Mart insisted on these figures being airbrushed out of the background.

My Take: Once again, Wal-Hell makes the first amendment supporters cry. Oh-ah, it’s Jesus and the devil! They go with the theme of Mellencamp’s near-death accident. He’s happy to be alive and singing about it. Lighten up, Wal-Hell!

Yella: One Mo N***a to Go

The Problem: Yella also used the term on his One Mo N***a To Go cover.

My Take: Must we use the N-word again? I know it’s a dedication for his friend, Eazy-E, who died of AIDs. It would be much more beautiful if he didn’t use the N-word on the album. Trust me, it would.


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