Controversial Album Covers Pt. 24

Year: 1994

The Black Crowes: Amorica

The Problem: The album cover’s depiction of pubic hair, taken from an issue of Hustler magazine, caused controversy. The record company ended up putting out an alternative cover that blacked out the offending image.

My Take: Ooo, ah! It’s pubic hair. Get over it! There’s not that much to look at! It’s not some monster eating human flesh or something! In fact, this cover is much more mild than some of the covers that I had on this project! Get over yourselves, people!

Eric Bana: Out of Bounds

The Problem: The cover art features Bana naked from behind while streaking at a crowded AFL game. He is reaching for the ball and his buttocks are covered with the message “contents may offend”. The scene was created digitally, with the overlap of two photos. An alternative cover for the album was later released.

My Take: Not that bad. It just makes me think about old college jokes on the football time. Bana himself said that his birthday suit is a costume from God. That is true in a sense…

Pantera: Far Beyond Driven

The Problem: The album cover featured the picture of a drillbit impacting an anus. Copies of this album were banned and an alternate cover was created.

My Take: Ouch! I feel the pain of the drill going up my bum just by looking at this cover! Ow!

The Beautiful South: Miaow

The Problem: The cover originally depicted rows of dogs seated in a music hall with a gramophone on the stage. However, HMV made the band withdraw it as it mocked their trademark dog, and the band put out a second cover, depicting four dogs in a boat.

My Take: Aw! I thought this cover was cute! HMV needed to lighten up! Maybe if the Beautiful South had asked for permission first…. Other than that, I don’t know.


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