Controversial Album Covers Pt. 23

Year: 1993

Tool: Undertow

The Problem: Photos in the liner notes of a nude obese woman, a nude man of normal weight, a cow licking its genitals, and the band members with pins in the sides of their heads generated controversy, resulting in the album being removed from stores such as Kmart and Wal-Mart. The cover was later replaced by a giant bar code.

My Take: Why are we even surprised that Tool would even do something like this? Have you seen their videos? Point taken… Though, I didn’t know the original album cover was a rib cover. I thought in was a red bracelet. My bad!
Ice-T: Home Invasion

The Problem: The album’s cover depicted a White boy listening to rap music in the midst of a home invasion in which Blacks are attacking Whites, presumably the boy’s parents. Sire Records, owned by Time Warner, refused to release the album with the cover, and Ice-T resigned from the label as a result

My Take: Ah, back when Ice-T was more into gangster rap and killing cops before he played a cop on Law and Order: SVU. The boy seems to be a peace with his parents are getting killed. It seems a bit racist if you think about it now. I just noticed that…

Nirvana: In Utero

The Problem: When In Utero was released, there were many objections to the song “Rape Me”, despite the band’s claims that the lyrics were “anti-rape.” Wal-Mart and Kmart also refused to stock the album because of its artwork, featuring an anatomical figure and model fetuses, so a “clean” version was released for them which featured an altered version of the back cover collage and listed the title “Rape Me” as “Waif Me”, though the song remained unchanged.

My Take: Nirvana makes the list again. And once again, Wal-Hell tramples on free speech. What exactly is the point of changing the song if the song is going to remain unchanged? The people of Wal-Hell are idiots that just money.


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