Controversial Album Covers Pt. 22 (And the 100th Blog Post!!!!)

First of all, I would like to proudly announce that I have made it to hundred posts on this blog! *Pulls out the sake and the paper lanterns* Party time, baby! Woot! Heck yeah! I It took me a while, but here I am. I made it through laziness and other projects! Sweet, man! Sweet! Now, down to business.

Year: 1992

Cannibal Corpse: Tomb of the Mutilated

The Problem: The album was banned in Germany until June 2006, due to the cover art featuring one corpse performing cunnilingus on another. The censored version features a further corpse presumably watching the act not shown in adoration.

My Take: Ah, Cannibal Corpse came out with a… well… shocking image again. It’s… well…. my mind goes blank for anything to say at first. On the up side, it’s not as bad as their previous one. For some reason, I’m not as disgusted with this picture as I was with Butchered at Birth. Still, what can you expect when a band is named Cannibal Corpse with songs like, “I Cum Blood” and “Addicted to Vaginal Skin.” Can’t really say much there…
Killing Joke: Laugh? I Nearly Bought One!

The Problem: The cover features a priest blessing Nazi soldiers, which resulted in the band being prevented from playing in Glasgow, Scotland.

My Take: Again with the Nazi jokes, eh? The title and the image do match however. The soldier nearly bought a laugh with the joke about the priest blessing the Nazi soldiers. So, I can see what the band was getting at. But, I pity the poor Germans. Haven’t they suffered enough humiliation with their WWII past? They learned their lesson, now let’s move on.

Tim Dog: Bronx N***a

The Problem: Tim Dog’s Bronx N***a also used this language on its album cover.

My Take: Must we use the N-word? Do we have to? I have noticed that the N-word is used more frequently towards the 90’s and 2000’s on this display than in the 60’s-70’s. Why? Why? Why?


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