Controversial Album Covers Pt. 17

Year: 1987

Gun N’ Roses: Appetite for Destruction

The Problem: The original cover for Appetite for Destruction featured an opened-shirt woman, who was clearly been raped by a robot rapist, who was about to be crushed by a metal avenger. When every music video programme refused to play any music videos because of the cover, it was changed to show 5 skulls on a cross.

My Take: Oh come on! The woman is just braless, nothing else! It’s not like she’s completely naked! For music video programs not to play GNR’s videos because of the cover is just stupid!!! Besides, the cover fits the album better than the famous one! People just need to grow up!

Overkill: !!!Fuck You!!!

The Problem: The original cover art featured a hand gesturing an upraised middle finger. The 1990 CD re-issue was sold with a reversible cover art booklet. The visible side when sold in the stores was a simple field of white with the band’s logo, the album name reading as !!!**** You!!!, with a subhead that read “The Record THEY tried to ban”. A Parental Advisory logo appeared in the lower right corner. The original cover art was able to be used if the booklet was opened and reversed by creasing the cover the opposite way. The expanded re-release, entitled !!!Fuck You!!! and Then Some, displayed the original cover photo.

My Take: Not much to say to this. Only that the got the last laugh in the end. How do you like them apples?


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