Controversial Album Covers Pt. 13

Year: 1983

Dio: Holy Diver

The Problem: The original cover offended churches because it looks as if the monster on the album was killing a Roman Catholic priest.

My Take: Dio says that looks could be deceiving and that priest could be the one killing the monster. I say, whatever floats your boat!

W.A.S.P.: F**k You Like a Beast

The Problem: On the cover for Animal (F*** Like a Beast), W.A.S.P. was forced to place stars over two of the letters.

My Take: Are you sure it was the language in the title and not the fact there is a chainsaw at his funbits– with blood on his hands? You sure the language was the only problem or were they just trying to ignore the art? Can somebody enlighten me?


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  1. TheLakersSUCK
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 08:41:39

    really great blog!! enjoying reading it thing mid of hours. nice work;-)



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