Controversial Album Covers Pt. 12


U2: Boy

The Problem: The album features the head and shoulders of a shirtless young boy on the cover. The subject is Peter Rowan, brother of a friend of Bono’s, who also appears on the cover of War and other U2 releases. The Canadian and U.S. releases of Boy featured distorted images of the band members on the cover. The image was changed to a distorted picture of the band for the American and Canadian release, due to the record company’s fears that the band would be accused of pedophilia.

My Take: It’s not that bad. You can’t really see too much. Only the shoulders up. There’s nothing even sexual about it! The reasoning doesn’t make sense, because if you look in the background of their first video, “I Will Follow,” this picture is in the background. So, it’s not really that bad.


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