Controversial Album Covers Pt. 8

Year: 1976

Scorpions: Virgin Killer

The problem: This cover featured a photo of naked prepubescent girl, with her pubic area partially obscured by a “cracked glass” effect. Her pose and the title “Virgin Killer” added to the image’s notoriety. In fact, it was so controversial, Britain’s Internet Watch Foundation placed Wikipedia on its blacklist (just for showing the cover). The original cover was replaced by a photo of the band for most reissues.

My Take: *Fake innocent voice* No, this isn’t child pornography! Really! No, really! *Normal voice* Maybe if they had an older woman on the cover instead of a little girl… I don’t know. I feel bad for Wiki though. They were just giving the information off for the world to see and the BIWF bastards blacklisted them for four days! Poor guys at Wiki! *Shakes her head in pity*

The Residents: Third Reich N’ Roll

The Problem: The Residents’ album Third Reich N’ Roll was banned in Germany due to its use of the swastika and Nazi party theme.

My Take: Haven’t the poor Germans suffered enough humiliation? They learned their lesson about letting crazy people like Hitler run the country. Can’t we just leave the Germans alone now? They album just adds insult to injury– BIG time!


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