Controversial Album Covers Pt. 5

Year: 1971

Mom’s Apple Pie: Mom’s Apple Pie

The Problem: The cover shows a fairly obvious labia where a slice of pie has been removed. “Mom” licks her lips and the missing pie piece ‘overflows’.

My Take: At first glance, you can’t really see it. To find the naughty piece, one would have to take a closer look. See it now? Clearly, this cover was a dirty little play on words. The open pie piece, mom licking her lips, and the overflowing, all play onto a dirty joke if one takes time to think about. The response, that’s your call.

Alice Cooper: Love Them to Death

The Problem: The album cover caused much controversy at the time of its release due to Cooper’s thumb sticking out of his pants, thus giving the illusion that it’s his penis, leading Warner Brothers to censor it (four different versions of the front cover exist on LP). Cooper’s thumb is clearly airbrushed out on censored versions.

My Take: If that’s his member, he sure is tiny! I mean, that’s too small to be a member. It makes him look really small, if you know what I mean. The joke’s on Cooper. Sorry, dude! *Loud crackle*

Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers

The Problem: Original Stones’ Sticky Fingers album had a zipper that revealed a man in cotton briefs. Apparently the Spanish government banned the cover, thus releasing this redesigned one, of canned fingers.

My Take: Oh right, Spain! Explain to me how served fingers covered in bloody juice is any better than a man’s underwear! You can’t even see it too well! The spot with the underwear is a tiny spot! I’m sorry, but I choose seeing a man’s underwear than served fingers in a can! Way to bloody go, Spain! Way to bloody go! (No pun intended!)


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