Controversial Album Covers Pt. 3

Year: 1968

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland



The Problem: The intended artwork for the UK version of the album did not arrive in time to press the album, so a cover of naked women lounging in front of a black background was issued in its place. The US cover by Karl Ferris, which Hendrix had intended, has since become the official cover of Electric Ladyland internationally.

My Take: Not that bad. In fact, it fits more of the beloved Hendrix-style. And beside, he and his little band had to put out something for album sine the first one didn’t arrive. So cut the man some slack!

John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins



The Problem: The front cover displayed Lennon and Ono frontally nude, while the rear cover featured them from behind. Distributors were prompted to sell the album in a plain brown wrapper, and copies of the album were impounded as obscenity in several jurisdictions.

My Take: Two words come to mind: Wax job!!!

Rolling Stones: Beggar Banquet


The Problem: The cover photo that the band intended to use was taken in a filthy lavatory. The record label refused to distribute the record with this photo, so a plain white cover with the name of the record was substituted. The original artwork has been restored to recent CD reissues.

My Take: Big deal! It’s a bathroom! It’s not even looking inside the toilet! The focus is on the wall. That’s not even offense-looking. It’s just graffiti on them, just like in most high school and junior high bathroom walls! People in the 60’s really needed to grow up! Thank goodness justice has been returned to the Stones with CD reissues!


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