Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 17)

40. Rebecca +Mokuba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
This idea first Karen’s mind in ’04-’05. I agree with her. They look so cute together. I would like to see them all grown-up and dating. I like them so much, that I became obsessed with them for close to two years. They are just that cute together. Better than seeing her with Yugi or him with his brother, Kaiba Seto. Eww
39. Ryan + Boa Vista (CSI: Miami)
I like them together. They do seem to have some chemistry. He did try to go out with her after she and Eric broke up. But it didn’t really surface from there. But, they are on friendly terms at least. That’s a good sign at least. I’m still hoping that will surface from that. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see from. If only there was just some way too…
38. Kei + Blu (Factory)
He came along when she lost seven years of her memory. He was a wild boy in the army. He wanted her in a tasty way. She was too innocent like she started out in the beginning of the series. But, he pushed her to take a chance and get her memories back. I don’t really know yet. They do actually seem kind of hot together. But yet, there is Conrad who likes her too. So, it could go either way. You’ll just have to stick around and read.
37. Gabrielle + John (Desperate Housewives)
They looked hot throughout series one. A bored lovely housewife and her smoking steamy underage gardener. They certainly lit up the TV screen and kept the whole country hooked on watching. It’s like the Graduate came to the 21st century all soaking wet and in nothing back a towel. But sadly it didn’t last. Babies and other people tore them about. He rejected her for his new wife. Later, she turned him down for Carlos, but we have those beautiful memories to look back on.
36. Jack + Ianto (Torchwood)
Here is a cute little couple for all. I didn’t really see much of Torchwood. But I did catch enough episodes to learn all about this couple. I like them together. Jack is already a charming bloke that plays for both teams. What can make him better? Let’s hook him up with the quietly strong and loyal Ianto Jones. Great results followed behind. The boys gave the world plenty of tender fluff for the world to see. Made me good “Ooo!” and “Aww!” the whole time. I think I hear wedding bells soon for these two!
35. Naruto + Sakura (Naruto)
Forget Sakura + Sasuke, Naruto + Hinata, or Sasuke + Naruto! I’m sick of those pairings! Everyone does them. I opted to be different. Naruto and Sakura look cute together actually. He liked her and she couldn’t stand him at all. Overtime, they grow up and become friends. I haven’t finished the whole series yet. I have a whole lot of catching up to do! But, I do help that they do end up together. I would be over the moon then!
34. Jounouchi + Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Here is another yummy couple for all. A blind person can see that they belong together. Something hot could happen between them. They try to help each other out in between dueling and teasing each other. He fights like a knight protecting a princess when he is trying to save her life. Even when she turned evil, he still found and even gave up his soul just to save her. Age might be a problem, but sometimes age is just a number on a person.
33. Karen + Ryo (TZA Staff/Dark Horse Manor)
Here is another case of age limit being thrown to the wind. She fell into lust with him and just had to have him. She won him over in seconds. He didn’t even have a chance. A steamy affair ensued. Pretty soon, the lust died away. And love took over. However, the relationship doesn’t come without problems. His mother is one problem because of his age. His best friend is another problem because she love him. But don’t worry! They will manage to turn it all around for them. You watch!
32. Pete + Rose (Sweetheart)
I just basically thought up a cute little main love story for the series. They first got together after a drunken/aphrodiastic one-night stand. It just blossomed from there. She and him would be a great match together. But yet, there are a few problems in the way. One of them being Tart er– Ashlee Simpson of course. However, Rose has a few good friends that will stop at nothing to have her an Pete together forever as lovers. So, we’ll have to see the outcome.
31. Maxxie + Anwar (Skins)
Shocker, I know. But you have to admit. They do look kind of cute. It wouldn’t hurt to just ignore them together for one moment. But sadly, that’s all we can do. Just imagine them as a couple. And do you know why? Maxxie is gay and Anwar is a Muslim. Muslims don’t really seem take too kindly to homosexually. Anwar follows that closely even though Maxxie is his best friend. He just over looks that little fact and goes on with life. Ironic though, Anwar is against homosexually, but he parties, drinks, does drugs, and sleeps around. Well if he’s willing to go against his religion in those areas, why not take it further by hooking up with Maxxie? Might as well. I’m just saying…

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