Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 16)

50. Riley + Quinn (Vessel)
They are just a pair of outcasts. She has an alcoholic mother and a doopy brother and can hear thoughts. He gotten bitten by a Hell Bat and slowly turned into a mindless slave of Hell. She came along and tried to help him survive. She gave him some of her blood to do so. Now, they are together and in love. But yet, Melissa doesn’t want them together. So, Riley and Quinn now have her, the devil, and the rest of Hell against them. Good luck with that one!
49. Jack + Gwen (Torchwood)
Here is another cute couple. This certainly have the chemistry. He likes everybody. Guys, girls, anything. If he fancies you, he fancies you. He certainly seems to fancy her big time. But sadly, she is married to Rees. But, it could work out some however. Jack, Ianto, and Gwen could all get together and have a nice little threesome. Don’t worry, Rees can join in if he wants. Wouldn’t hurt to have a look.
48. Nicole + Shawn (Euphoria)
I based them off of Passico and one of his mistresses. Shawn is a young Goth artist who has an annoying girlfriend on his arm. Then, Nicole came along at the student bar in Tokyo Cram College. Shuichi dared Shawn to chat her up. Shawn did so and won her over. A steamy affair ensued. She even became his muse. Now, they have become Japan’s notorious hot Goth couple.
47. Charlie + Jackie (Hotel Babylon)
She lusted him in the first episode. I just knew they would hook up at some time. They finally did later in the pilot. They continued to date throughout all of series one. They delivered plenty of hot moments to us. I have no idea what happened, but they had been broken up by the time series two began. He went onto Rebecca, but that didn’t last long either. He seems to get a woman, but yet can’t keep her. Better luck time when BBC America finally gets the rest of the series here. Damn them for holding out on us! That’s just wrong, man! That’s just man!
46. Sanosuke + Eva (Samurai Sushi)
Amethyst just thought about pairing him with a little thing. Initially, he had no interest in her in the first place. But other time, she won him over. The sparks fired up right away. She seems to mirror his past in a sense. So, she can understand where he is coming from almost. They fight side by side of each other in different battles. She’s getting stronger and he helps her out in the process. To be honest, it looks better than him with Megumi
45. Christina + Bruke (Grey’s Anatomy)
Here is the original pairing of the GA world. They seemed to be the poster couple of modern relationships. She didn’t want to commit to him at all. But, he managed to stay there for her no matter what. They certainly have been through so much. She lost their baby and didn’t want to move in with him. They were so close to marrying. But then, Isaiah Washington screwed up his career by calling T.R. Knight a f*gg*t and got fired. Too bad too. I really liked Bruke + Christina together. *Sigh*
44. Ando + Ami (Euphoria)
They are mostly seen in the “Lost Euphoria” part of Euphoria. She came to Japan for the first time when she was fifteen. She ran right into him and he tried to hook up with her. So far, it all failed. But he didn’t quit. They seemed to almost be together now. But then, a shocker twist came. Ami turned out to be Alfie’s younger cousin from South Korea. That seemed to slow everything down. But then, Ami still wanted Ando. Their relationship picked up from there. In fact, he went with Kat and Alfie to reunite with her after he finished with school.
43. Jacilyn + Jean (Anaconda)
This relationship just started out as lust. She didn’t even have an interest in him. But when she found out that he had lousy luck with the ladies, she changed her mind. She seduced and shagged him. To her surprise, he made her come first and for real. From then on, she had to have him more and more. They formed a relationship together and moved in as well. Now, they are engaged. She didn’t want to be commited. But he worked her over and here they are now. Yay!
42. Kenshin + Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)
Come on, everyone can actually see them together. I saw it the first moment that I saw them on the screen. I kept cheering them on to kiss at least once. They seemed so nice and innocent for a long time. They do get married and have a son later on. Sadly, I haven’t seen that yet. Cartoon Network stopped running this anime. But fear not, I *will* track down the series and finish it. You watch!


41. Edward + Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Here is another obvious pairing. I kept hoping they would kiss too. They do the typical fighting thing in anime. It’s all just a front of their true feelings. She really does care about him and is really happy when he comes home for repairs. I have them together in my fic as well. And naturally so. But yet, the growing situation with Edward creates problems with their relationship. However, Derdra helps Winry to not give up and help Edward survive his corruption to get back to the light again. That’s love there, my friends.

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