Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 15)

60. James + Katie (Big Shots)
They looked so cute in the beginning. His wife turned out to be cheating on him with his boss. Katie was there for James when he was trying to pick up the pieces. I kept hoping the whole time that they would get together. They finally did kiss, date, sleep together, and hook up. At one point, it looked it would be over. But, they got back together at the probable cost of his job. We won’t know what happens next because ABC canceled the show. Grrr! Darn you, ABC!!!
59. Ann + Chris (TZA Staff)
This is a strong love here. He met her in the hospital after members of her former cult tried to kill her for leaving. She was afraid of him at first. But, he showed her some kindness. Over time, they fell in love. He left his first wife and married Ann. They had serious problems in their marriage including the murder of their daughter and their son nearly committing suicide. However, Chris has stayed with her no matter what. Now, that’s love!
58. Owen + Christina (Grey’s Anatomy)
After Bruke left, Christina turned out to be a wreck. She became jaded over Mer and McDreamy. But then, Own came along and gave her a second chance to believe in love. However, he came with his own problems. He had post-traumatic stress disorder. He ended up strangling her because of her rotating air fan reminding him of choppers in Iraq. But now, he’s getting help so that they could be together. Best of luck to them.
57. Alex + Jessica (Mistresses)
They looked pretty smoky. I knew that they would end up together since the first episode. How hot is Alex? She’s so hot that she made Jessica question what team she played for and made Jessica actually fall in love with her. But sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Alex married Lisa and chose her over Jessica. That broke my heart along with Jessica’s. That looked so hot and cute together.
56. Addison + Mark “McSteamy” (Grey’s Anatomy)
Once we found out who she cheated on McDreamy with, we all nearly forgot about McDreamy and said hello to McSteamy. The lusty doc wanted her so badly. They looked really good together. He was even willing to change his man-whore ways for her. But, she lusted after Alex and broke McSteamy’s heart in the process. Then, she went to California for that lousy spin-off, Private Practice. Such a shame too. I really wanted her to get with him after divorcing McDreamy. That would’ve made my day!
55. Janis + Marco (Mile High)
This is the boy that melted her heart. He fell into lust/love with the older woman and had many fantasies about her. They finally hooked up after a near-plane crash. She tried resist, but he just kept coming back to her. She got pregnant by him, but aborted the baby. He still loved her after that. Even when she went to the leech Crocker, Marco still loved Janis. He saved her job and left to be a pilot. That just broke my little heart. I really rooted for them the whole way.
54. Meredith + Judy (Sweetheart)
They started off as enemies because family backgrounds. But then, they ended up on a class project together. They got to talking and became friends. Soon, the girls became lovers. Now, Judy has to face her mom with her relationship with her girlfriend and adjust to being gay. Meredith has to the same as well. But, Duncan and them are there to back them up all of the way. That’s nice to have.
53. Duncan + Lisbeth (Big Shots)
They started off as just having sex for fun. But then, he fell in love with her. They tried to make it work. But, a mistake and a misunderstanding tore it apart. She went back to her snobby boyfriend, Terrence, and married him. Duncan wanted to tell her the truth and get her back, but chose not to. It seemed that she still had feelings for her ex. But she fought them. Then, the crazy fake son killed Terrence to make Duncan proud. We won’t know if Duncan and Lisbeth will get back togethe because ABC canned the show. Darn them! Why do they do this to some of the good shows?!?
52. Nina + Vince (Red Bull)
She’s damaged and twisted. He’s looking for his estranged wife. The two crossed paths on a case. Now, they are working together to find out the mystery of what happened in 1974. But, she’s got her drama and problems to deal with. She won’t let Vince near her to find out what’s wrong. But, he won’t give up on her at all. Why? Maybe she reminds him of his estranged wife. Maybe he really loves her. Either, Vince really does care about Nina and wants to help her fight her inner demons.


51. Jet + Ume (Tenshi Trail)
Ah! Here’s a good love story for everyone. He found her in the park being depressed. She was the wife of a powerful and abusive mob boss. Jet comforted her and became her strength. They ended up eloping together in the middle of the series. But, the troubles weren’t over there. After her husband was murdered, his family went straight after her. They are now suing her in court. But not to worry, Jet has Ume’s back the whole way. Yay!

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