Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 14)

70. Patrick + Robyn (Sweetheart)
Why is that the people that seem to hate each other the most have the most hottest sex ever? She thinks he’s really weak and wet and he thinks she’s the worst example of a human being that has ever walked on the planet. They claim they aren’t in love. But when they get together, the sparks fly like crazy. So, there must not be too much hate there for them to be hooking up like rabbits.
69. Nikita + Mai (Pretty Lady)
This started out as a shotgun wedding. He had a one-stand with her and her family found out. As a result Nikita and Mai had to marry and she to Russia with him. However, he found an upside to this. He gets turned on by her anger. So, he’s always trying to piss her off for great satisfaction in bed. But, they do share a nice balance of power and truly love each other when it is all said and done. They turn to each other for support.
68. Yasmine + Steven (Anaconda)
He’s a big goofball and she’s a serious hunter getting revenge for her seemingly dead son. He developed a huge crush on her. But yet, he was too shy for her. She liked him too and wanted him to pursue her. The two finally managed to get together after some minor hiccups. Their relationship went the normal way in life. The two ended up married and expecting a baby together.
67. Trudie + Lucas (Mistresses)
Richard turned out to be dishonest to her. Lucas happened to be there for Trudie when needed a place to put her cakes and someone to talk to. Near the end of series two, the two finally hooked up right in the bakery after hours. It seemed like the beginning of a beautiful relationship. But then, she still had feelings for Richard and it fell apart there. Pretty stupid if you ask me!
66. Gene + Melfina (Outlaw Star)
They look really cute together. Don’t ask me why. They just do. He really does care about her and she seems really close to him. Sure she’s an android. But that’s never stopped love before. It could work out between them. She seemed to have put his playboy ways to bed. At the end, they got together. So yes, a love affair with an android and a human could work out I suppose. Better than putting her with Harry. *Shutters and pushes thought out of mind*
65. Lockon + Felt (Gundam 00)
These two actually look cute together. He opened up about his past to her since she opened up some. She developed feelings for him after that. But only feelings from a far. He seemed like knight to her engineer princess. Sure, he’s a bit too old for her. But age is nothing but a number sometimes. Plus, she seems so innocent. And you know how I feel about that… But sadly, he died in battle. That broke her little heart for sure. Made me sad too. *Fights back her tears*
64. Kurt + Jamie (TZA Staff)
He wanted to get out and explore the world after his father died. But, he needed a few things first. One of them being a traveling companion. That’s where she came in. They were friends at first. He kept trying to date to her, but she would always turn him down. In the end, he wore her down. That’s how they ended up together. He wore her down with the traveling as well. She didn’t want to leave of course, but he got her to go with him. They may fight like crazy, but love wins out in the end.
63. Kyuu + Megumi (Detective Academy Q)
They could look cute. She does seem to care about him so much. But, he’s still a child in a sense. However, not so much when he sees her underwear. Other than that, they are good friends for now. But, it could turn into something else. We’ll just have to sit back and watch. Me, I’ll just have to get my hands on the rest of the series and watch to see for myself. Then again, Kyuu + Ryuu looks good too… Just saying…
62. Sam + Annie (Life on Mars UK)
Note, I have not seen the American version of the show and I never will. With that being said, let’s carry on. These two are perfect for each other. He’s a lost man in a lost world and she’s the angel to home guide him all the way home. He helped her get promoted in her job and she supported him even though she didn’t understand him at all. Even though he returned to present day, he came back to 1973 to save her again. Aww, how sweet!


61. Mary + Toshiko (Torchwood)
Okay, I know Mary was an evil alien. But she and Toshiko actually looked really hot. Mary seemed like the sexy bold one and Toshiko was an innocent little angel. A magic little pendant that Mary gave her gave the angel the ability to hear thoughts. Mary couldn’t handle it in the end and fell into Mary’s wicked web. But Jack saved her, but shipping the alien off into the sun. Oh well, at least we still have the hot memories to hang on to.

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