Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 11)


We’re halfway through now. Hang in there.

100. Manami + Edward (Anaconda)

I have a taste for corruping the innocent and turning the good guy bad. Like her mother before her, she seduced him into the Fallen World and turned into an incubus in my fic. (Go whine to someone who cares, fangirls! I obivously don’t!) They do look really hot together. He’s like her favorite slave and right-hand man to bring humans to ruin through their desires. The vampirism makes it all the more best if I can say so myself! 😉

99. Kaiba + Isis (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

They have something powerful together. A brain-dead coma patient can see it as well. She matches his level rather nicely. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of him at all. Heck, she could even reign him in and straighten him out. It would be nice to see than together in the series. Much better than him with Shizuka. Eww! What the hell is up with that? What the hell are some of these fans thinking?! That’s even worse than Yamato with Mimi or Sora!

98. Kiba +Cheza (Wolf’s Rain)

Oh, laugh all you want at me! They look really cute together. They really do! He might care about her deeply because she is their key to paradise, but I think there’s more to that. I just do! They seem to hold a strong bond together with each other. Many WR fans may disagree because they are two different species. But, it doesn’t hurt to just take look, now does it? See? You can see it just as well as I can. Cute, yeah? That’s what I thought!

97. Joe + Clare (Sweetheart)

This is pretty-much a tease pairing. She’s hot and she knows it. He wants her and she knows that. She teases him with her body and makes him chase her for it. Why? She says, “I’ll tell you. I like Joe too. But if I give him what he wants now, he’s not going to want it ever again. But if I keep teasing him until I finally give it up to him…” He’ll want more of it. Crazy, but pretty genius if you think about it. But, Ana doesn’t intend for them to have a full-on relationship. Like I said, tease pairing here. But, fun to read however.

96. Malachi + Elisha (Anaconda)

I’m still toying with this pairing. I’m wondering how they would look together. I did a what-if scenario with the future in my fic. I put these two together. He really does care about her in that future and as a little kid. I’m liking the results so far. But, I’m still pondering it. They would look pretty cute as a couple. Just give me a little while. You’ll just have to wait and see with them.

95. Simon + Emily (Factory)

These two are fun to mess with. She is a wild-carefree spirit. He is a sweet little good boy. At first, she didn’t want him because she only went out with boys with money, but then seven years later, she became attracted to him right away. Now, she’s only in it for the fun. She’s not trying to take him away from Nia at all. Emily’s real motives for herself and Simon are not really clear at all. But, it is really hot to watch though!

94. Lee + Lucy (Not Going Out)

After Kate left the show, NGO needed a new lady for Lee to love on. Enter Tim’s younger sister, Lucy. Now, she’s not as cute as Kate was, but there could be something between her and crazy Lee. Guy, Lucy’s much older boyfriend, stood in the way at the moment, but after they broke up, the path became clear again. We’ll have to see what happens next when we get the third and maybe final series in the states.

93. Nessa + Smithy (Gavin and Stacey)

Man, forget about the title characters for a moment. These two are far more interesting. They claim that they hate each other so much. But yet, they have such hot and passionate sex. So much so that they had a son together. There much be something between them for them to make a baby. Maybe something could happen between them. We’ll just have to watch and see.

92. Tim + Daisy (Spaced)

I always wanted them to get together or kiss at least once. They just got an apartment by pretending to be a couple. They seemed to have some good chemistry between them. I kept hoping the whole time that somethime would happen. That hope seemed to die when he got with Sophie. Then, it all came crashing down. But then, everything turned around for the good. It just ends on friendlier terms. But there was a little clip of them being together with a baby. Yay!

91. Reese + 2-D (Gorillaz)

This is one of my oldest couples. I gave them a cute little love story. She came to England to study overseas. She met him and they hooked up right away. One thing led to another and they ended up in a steamy relationship together. Then, she ended up pregnant with their son. She fled back to America, but he got her back. Now, they have been together ever since. She even resist Murdoc which is a miracle in itself.


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