Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 9)

120. Ryan + Jenny (Factory)
They started out as a marriage of convenience. He was struggling to find a record for his band. Andy took them in and placed her at the front. She asked Ryan to marry her only to keep the band together. But then, a real and hot relationship bloomed between them. As Jenny said, “I fell in love with him because he was gorgeous and I married him for his music.” And she stayed in love because she loved him.
119. Yoko + Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
In the earlier episodes, everyone could see that they had something together. It’s always the same in anime sometimes. The ones that argue the most with each other turn out to be the cutest couple. These two proved it well. We finally got a little affection in episode eight when he kissed her just before going to battle. But sadly, he died in the good fight. The same thing happened with her and Kittan. He kissed her and he died in the good fight as well. See a pattern?
118. Hideki + Chii (Chobits)
Let’s be real with each other. Everyone knew that they would be together from the very beginning. That’s just how CLAMP does things. They sent up HUGE signs that a couple is going to end up together. Anyway, Hideki and Chii look cute in the manga and the anime. They can’t sleep together in the manga. She has a restart button down below. In the anime, they make no mention of it. So, I can’t say that it applies there too. Let me know there.
117. Yukina + Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)
I must confess with this pairing: I like them together because I just want to see the look on Kuwabara’s face when he finds out the truth about Yukina. Bemmer, my intern, and I joke about from time to time. To those unfamiliar with the anime, Kuwabara does not get alone with a demon named Hiei. Yukina is Hiei’s sister. So, you see why I really want to see the love the look on Kuwabara’s face when he finds out.
116. Greg + Morgan (Sweetheart)
Why is it so hot to see a younger girl with an older man? Ana has that being the case in this pairing. They met at a bus station when she was trying to go home. He had a crush on her before they met. They clicked right away. Later during a power outage, she called him over to her house for company. One thing led to another. Soon, they ended up in bed together. Her mother and his boss, Katherine, caught them as they were going to do it again. Morgan and Katherine battle it out and now Morgan and Greg are still together. But not without criticism…
115. Tim + Dawn (The Office UK)
I’ve never watched the American version of the Office and don’t plan to. With that being said, I shall continue. These two just love to cause mischief and wind up Gareth. Tim loves Dawn. But she’s engaged to Lee. It seemed life a sad ending for these two misfits when Dawn and Lee moved to America. But the Christmas party changed everything. Tim gave her an art set and told her never to give up on her dream on being an illustrator. She broke down in tears in the taxi because of it. Then, she returned after having left Lee and kissed Tim on the lips. Aw, the Brits gave us a happy ending after all!
114. Lucy +Gohan (Queen Megan)
I’m toying around with the idea of putting them together. I don’t know if I should or not. He *does* love Videl. Lucy and Gohan are half-breeds. They would look pretty cute together. And I think some of the fans would be if Pan didn’t exist at all in the Queen Megan series. I don’t really know yet. Just give me a while to get up to that point and work it out from there. I’ll figure out something. I always do.
113. Erin + Paige (Seether)
If you can look through the loud bitchiness, the drugs, drinking, and crude humor, you will see a sweet lesbian relationship at play through this whole comic. Erin really does about Paige and will protect her even past the very end. Erin may be rude, loud, and misandristic while her girlfriend is whiny, weak, over the top girly, but you just can’t help but to smile at such a sweet and sentimental relationship.
112. Taichi + Sora (Digimon)
This is the couple that should have been. I don’t know the writers didn’t put them to together in the first place. What the hell were they thinking putting Yamato and Sora together like that?!? Shame on them! That’s just wrong! Anyway enough about that, Taichi and Sore to me have more chemistry than she and Yamato do. He really does care about her. In my version of events, she divorces her abuse husband and his wife dies. They get together and marry. It’s a happy ending. Simple as that. And how it should be!
111. Soot + Amanda (TZA Staff)
Here is a cute little love story for all. All while Bemmer, Soot, Mandy, and Amanda ran a mock in the states, Soot and Amanda fell in love with each other. He was a little prankster and she was the sweet girl from next door. Their relationship went on for a long while. But one day, she got hit by a truck while trying to save him from it. She was killed instantly. He was depressed until she came back to the living realm as an angel. They continued their relationship from there. Aw… How sweet!

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