Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 7)

140. Elizabeth + Yami no Yugi (Canti Angel)
She was sent to keep Yami no Yugi from killing Anzu while under Arestil’s influence. While doing so, Elizabeth found herself attracted to the yami. And the two begin a hot S&M relationship. But other than that, a true relationship never really forms between them. The younger sister is only wanted to protect her older brother’s happiness. But, Lizzie and Yami no Yugi do look pretty hot together!
139. Akitada + Kurai (Demon Loves Angel)
I based these two off of Rob and I. She is a devil and he is an angel. Good and bad falling in love. The angels in Heaven are using Akitada to tame Kurai into a sweet little kitten. The angel is the only one that genuinely cares about the devil’s well-being. She in return will protect him to the death. Though she may be a bit too aggressive at times, Akitada still loves this devil to pieces.
138. J.D. + Kimi (Executive Plan)
Here’s a nice little love story for you lot: Man goes to Tokyo for a new job, he goes to a bar and meets a foxy woman. They battle over a drink and she gets it. Later, the woman sat with him. They hit it off and ended up having a one-night stand together. The next day, man goes to work and finds out that his one-night wife is his boss. After that, the boss is pregnant with his baby. Thus following a relationship with bumps and turns. But, true love will win out in the end, right? Let’s hope so for J.D. and Kimi’s sake.
137. Duncan + Lisbeth (Steel Prison)
He came along a year after her best friend committed suicide while they were staying at Maycomb Academy. The love just clicked from there. He became her hope and light for her survive. With Duncan giving his love to her, Lisbeth was able to rise upon and improve in the end. That is a powerful test of true love right there!
136. Shona + Mandras (TZA Staff)
She found him dying in the woods while looking for herbs. She and Kili brought him back to the Tokyo-Zion Academy. Shona nursed the young soldier back to health. The two ended up falling in love after that. What’s going to happen to these two afterwards? Well, we’ll just have to watch and see with this romantic union between Portugal and Greece.
135. Kim + Andrew (Anaconda)
This is a powerful unit right here. She keeps the fort down while he is working with the boys in the army. Drew started out as a rebound from Doug. They just started out as f**k buddies. Then, Kim got pregnant with their sons. Ever since then, Kim and Andrew formed a strong relationship and have moved in together. But, don’t count on marriage for them any time soon. He sees it as the death penalty and she sees it as being sacrificed!
134. Luke + San (Electric City)
Their relationship started when Tracy took him out to the woods to recover this cyborg. San seemed broken at first and could only say, “San.” But after some repairs, she began to function normally. She may even begin to develop feelings of love for the dolt. Who can say? But, she is in a world of danger. And Luke has vowed to protect her with his own life. Just like a knight with a princess.
133. Usagi + Mamrou (Sailor Moon)
This is one of the classic couples in anime history. He started off as teasing her in the beginning and driving her crazy. But then, they fell in love. Usagi and Mamrou have been through so much together. Him turning evil and losing his memory, him avoiding her because of her life being danger, and their daughter turning evil. But yet, these two managed to survive in the end and maintain a beautiful and stable relationship along the way. And they lived happily ever after…
132. Inuyasha + Kagome (Inuyasha)
Here is another popular pairing in the anime world. They have the classic love-hate relationship. One minute they are fighting with other and the next they were somewhat sweet with other. There is no denying here. Inuyasha and Kagome care about each other so much that it annoys most fans to death. If only we can get him to forget all about Kikiyo for a long moment and everything would be square go.


131. Haruko + Naota (FLCL)
This is an interesting and strange relationship. She’s just… weird. But yet, she has this odd charm to her that he and everyone in the anime fan world can’t help but love. Haruko I would love to see a relationship between them. I just want to see what would happen. I think it could what out. Better than Naota and Mamamimi together, that’s for sure!



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