Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 6)

150. Noriko + Kenji (Sweetheart)

He treats her like an adult. She loves him to the fullest and wants to be a real woman under him. Her friends and parents all worry about her being with him. But despite all of the fun and rough stuff, Kenji loves and cares for Noriko fully. He may be a bad boy, but he’s a good man at heart. She feels the same for him as well. What a powerful love there.

149. Don + Jessie (Anaconda)

They are so cute beyond belief! He is a big child and she just can’t help but to love him in return. They started with adultery behind his first wife, Tasmin’s, back. Then, Jessie became pregnant. Tasmin found out and divorced Don. Then, he got transferred North. Years later, Don and Jessie reunited and he chased her around until she agreed to come back to him. Their son, Sam, keeps them together after so long.

148. Lucas + Lexie (Euphoria)

Here is a strong relationship here. She suffers from Dissociative Indentiy Disorder and he tries his best to help her. He seems to be overprotective of her. But with good reason, no doubt. Lucas just wants Lexie to be safe and to get fixed again. She in return trusts him with all her heart and loves him dearly. He is the first guy that she could ever trust outside of her box built over the first fifteen years of her life.

147. Tot + Nagi (Weiss Kreuz)

I rarely think much about villain couples. But, they looked pretty cute in a way. They both wanted to take down Weiss. But he and his group wanted to take out her group. (Seems like Romeo and Juliet to me.) They seemed to be killed at the end. Youji laid them beside of each other in a sweet way and said that they should be together. However, that wasn’t the end. He died again and she’s all alone now. Bummer!

146. Murdoc + Dolly (Gorillaz)

I just basically thought of a trashy match for the Satanic bassist of the animated band, Gorillaz. Dolly is like a female version of him. She is dirty and pretty damn proud of it too. Together, they make dark corrupt music. She isn’t afraid to out the all-mighty bassist in his place either. Just what he needed to. You go girl!

145. Travis + Anika (Anaconda)
 He started out as a cold tyrant. But then, the boys of the military decided to get him a date. Enter Miss Anika the prostitute. They paid her to date and sleep with the divorced commanding officer. She did her job and ended up falling in love with him. The woman even told him the truth and gave back the money to Roy and the boys. Travis was angry at her at first until he learned how much money she gave back. They have been dating ever since.
144. Aya + Sakura (Weiss Kreuz)
 Oh come on, they looked soooo cute together. She was the victim of one of their targets. He took care of her while protecting her. Sakura developed a crush on the silent cutie. But he never really showed any interest in her. But yet, because Sakura looked like his younger comatose sister, Aya-chan, Aya cared for her somewhat. Drat, I was at least hoping for one little kiss. Just one! Oh well…
143. Taichi + Ellie (Queen Megan)
 This is more of tragic love story. In the beginning, they really loved each other. But after they got married, it all started to break down. Taichi and Ellie fought all of the time. He even slapped her in the face one time. They tried to make it work, but it just failed in the end. Ellie found out that she was pregnant. But afraid of what her husband would think, she kept it to herself. But then, she nearly lost the baby and died after childbirth. So sad and Taichi did love her too.
142. Kotha +Myu/Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Here we have a sweet couple here. Myu/Lucy just wants to be close Kotha. She will do anything to protect him. She fell in love with him when he took her in. He is very kind and loving to her as well. Even though she killed his sister and father, he still forgave and loved her. It is unclear however whether or not she made it all the way back to him after the war with the government officials that were after all. I’m hoping that they did and had a happy ending.

141. Takeru + Hikari (This Ugly Yet Beautiful World)

Here is yet another cute couple for everyone. He found her in a tree and brought her home with him. They look so innocent together. I wanted something hot and spicy to happen between them. I won’t know if it that would happen, because the stupid people at Time Warner on Demand messed up on putting up the episodes, so I fell off. But lucky for me, I have found the episodes on the internet. So now, I can get caught up again. Yay!


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