Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 4)

170. Sonia + Jamie (Eastenders)
These two proved that love can survive anything. They were together once. But, Jamie cheated on Sonia with Zoey and the couple broke up. Sonia went with Gus for a while, but then realized she still loved Jamie. The plan to get Louise and Lisa away from Phil brought them together again as a couple. The two planned to marry and struggled with money to get Ethel’s ring back. Everything seemed to be going up for them at long last. But then, Martin killed Jamie when he hit him with his car with texting to his then-girlfriend, Alison. Such a sad love story indeed.
169. Seb + Yasmin (Footballer$ Wives Overtime)
Again, didn’t really watch the show. But, they looked really cute together. He really did like this sassy wild girl. They did have a problem at first, but Seb and Yasmin managed to raise upon. That was until Yasmin’s ex, Cash, came along and seduced Yas and killed the Roger Webb’s disowned son. Obsessive love can be such a bitch!
168. Daniel + Madeline (Anaconda)
He was a soldier in the Ametris and she was a nymphomaniac in a world of trouble with her personal life. Daniel just happened to come along at the right moment and save Madeline from herself. At first, she kept trying to sleep with him. But, he told her off and she backed off some. Best of luck and wishes to these two.
167. Drew + Kellie (Drew Carey Show)
Towards the end of the series, Drew lost Kate when she married another man and left the show. That motivated him to start a quest to find the right bride so that he could get married by May 19th. He almost met his goal, but then the bride ran off at the end. Along the whole way, his friend, Kellie, tried to help him see sense. The other while I hoped that they would get together. I was overjoyed when they did. Now, they are happily married with a son. A good end for a guy down on his luck.
166. Ryou + Akari (This Ugly Yet Beautiful World)
I thought they looked pretty cute together. They seemed a little more mature then Takeru and Hikari in a sense. I kind wanted to see more lovey-dovey action between them. I haven’t finished the series because TW-On Demand messed up and forgot to put up of the episode. (That person probably doesn’t have a job anymore.) So, I got lost and stopped watching it. But lucky for me, I found the episode on-line so I can watch them again. Now if only I could get off my lazy ass and go there…
165. William + Beth (Sweetheart)
While her motives aren’t clear at times, Beth seems to have a thing for William Beckett in my fic here. She hits on him from time to time while she’s spying on Pete and Rose. He might have something for her too. Will they get together? You’ll just have to stick around see, my little cheeky emo children! *Wink*
164. Ai-Oni + Edward (Anaconda)
Okay, it’s not a real relationship. It’s more like she seduced him into the dark side in this fic of mine. (I just seem to have a thing for corrupting the innocent.  Don’t know why!) But you have to admit, they do look quite hot together at times. And everyone has a taste for the dominant woman at times. Am I right, people?
163. Tom + Sharon (Eastenders)
I seem to have quite a few favs from the Brit Soap Opera, Eastenders, don’t I? Anyway, they too have proved that love can win out in the end. They have had their ups and downs as well. She had some trust issues. His crazy estranged wife tried to break them up by turning all of Walford against him. Tom then had a brain tumor and tried to protect Sharon from it. But in the end, they got engaged. Until a petrol can that the sick bastard Trevor brought to torment his long-suffering soon-to-be ex, Little Mo, explode from the fire caused by Trevor and Mo blew up and killed Tom and Trevor. Alas, death cruel mistress.
162. Himeko + Chiakane (Kannazuki no Miko)
Yes, my little Chickadees, we are back to this anime once again. This time, it is the main couple of the series. Himeko and Chiakane looked so sweet together. The kiss that they shared in the first episode made me go, “Ooo!” But yet, Himeko didn’t really see her true feelings for Chiakane until the Moon priestess turned to the dark side, raped her lover, and abandoned her. It broke my heart at the end that Chiakane died so that they could save the world. But yet, the moon priestess came back once again in the end. I’m still hoping for a Himeko+Souma+Chiakane threesome.  There will be other times for that…
161. Sayuri + Masatuo (Taurus)
I just thought of this idea out of the blue. The story’s based on a love triangle between an angel, devil, and a married human. Sayuri, the angel, falls in love with Masatuo, the human, and they embark on a romantic relationship together. However, Sayuri’s estranged boyfriend, Night, shows up jealous and wants the angel all to himself. How will this all turn out? You’ll have to read for yourselves! : P

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