Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 3)

180. Rees + Chanel (Footballer$ Wives Overtime)

I didn’t watch the show much. But from what I saw, these two looked great for each other. Rees did almost mess it up by going with Lizzie. But, he redeemed himself by going back to her. Even thug boy, Cash, thought Chanel and Rees should go together. Sadly, the show has been canceled. Tis a pity!

179. Margret + Art (TZA Staff)
Geek-shipping right here! These two look so cute together, I could almost barf. But yet, better than fighting all of the time, yeah? Anyway, long distance isn’t problem for these two either. He teaches in Arizona and she is a landlady in Alabama. But now that moved to Japan, they finally get some time together. Good for them!
178. Jane + Oliver (Coupling UK)
These two are so bloody cute. It’s a nice break to see her not chasing after Steve so desperately in the 4th series of this great sitcom. It made me happy they finally got crazy Jane someone to fall in love with. Oliver fit so nicely in as Jeff’s replacement. But how will Jane and Oliver work out? We don’t know, the show ended in 2004. So just use you imagination for them, people!

177. Sonia + Martin (Eastenders)

Here is another that’s been through many ups and downs and still survived. It all started with a drunk one-night stand that resulted in a beautiful baby girl named Rebecca. She went back to Jamie, then to Gus, and back to Jamie again. But then, Martin accidentally killed Jamie when he was texting while driving. Martin tried to make amends for that to her and she forgave him. In 2004, Sonia and Martin got back together. They married, but then divorced. She switched teams, but it didn’t last long. After Pauline died, Martin and Sonia got back together and are now traveling in America with their daughter. Aw, how sweet!
176. Anthony + Patricia (TZA Staff)
Here’s a really hot couple for ya! He met her when she was fourteen and he was twenty-one. She knew about his reputation with the women and didn’t want anything to do with him. However, Tony wanted her that badly, so he pursued the young girl. He eventually worn her down and she dated him with the promise of staying a virgin until they married. Two years later, they got married. At first, Tony didn’t have any interest in his new wife. He almost cheated on her with another woman. But then when Polly turned twenty, the attraction grew hot again. Despite him writing porn and his motorcycle, the woman loves him dearly.
175. Jane + Jeff (Coupling UK)
I really hoped they would get together. Susan and Steve were together. Sally and Patrick practically chased each other around on and off for three series. So why not Jane and Jeff too? They almost did too after Julia ran off with her ex. (She felt lonely and decided why not.) But yet it wasn’t meant to be. Crazy Jane ended up doing the pizza man and Jeff left the show. However, Jane scored with Oliver in the end. Nice and happy, yeah?
174. Olive + Randy (Pushing Daisies)
I was so happy that they finally got Olive a man in this show!!! They looked so cute together. It’s not that I don’t hate Olive Snock. But, I just found her pining for Ned a little bit annoying. I just wanted her to get a man. Randy seems like a good boy. Whether it works or not, we’ll never know. (Darn you, ABC! Darn you for canning this great show! Oh well, I’ll just have to find the comics then. *Sigh*)
173. Derek + Erin (Anaconda)
I decided to give the romance between a man and woman with her husband in a coma storyline a shot. Instead of the cliched elements (adultery and it going to pieces in the end), I went a different direction with them. (Here at TZA, we try our to be completely different.) They took it slow and didn’t sleep together until six months after Jason’s death. The others pointed out to Derek that Erin was married from time to time. But, he told them off in the end. So now, Derek and Erin are together. Yay!
172. Himeko + Soma (Kannazuki no Miko)

If Chikane wasn’t around, Himeko and Soma could work out. They had strong chemistry together throughout the series. He really does love her and deeply cares about her despite them supposing to be enemies. He fought through destruction and fate to keep Himeko and Chikane safe from the Orochi. As I said before, a nice Himeko+Chikane+Soma threesome would be nice too… But that’s for another day! *WinK*

171. Hisui + Koukyou (Wish)
Here’s a cute little love story for all to see. A powerful angel and the son of Satan meet, sleep together, fall in love, and run away together. They are so sappy in the whole manga. Even the birds wanted to puke at them. But it’s all good. Hisui seems to have tamed him. Sure, she ended up banished from Heaven because of her relationship with Koukyou. But, she didn’t care. They vowed that they would stay together forever in love.



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