Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 2)

 190. Flack + Jessica (CSI: NY)
When I saw them kiss for the first time, I was like “Oooo!” Yes, Flack was finally getting some! He’s such a pretty man too. Oh, those blue eyes. Anyway back to the subject, Jessica and Flack looked pretty cute. And when they started to get it on, I cheered again for them. But sadly, she died this year. Such a bummer too! *Sigh*

189. Ella + Malachi (Hex)
For a moment, they looked hot. A demon and witch getting it on, tasty if you ask me. He was to bring about the end of days and she was to kill him. Sleeping with the enemy makes for a great plot. But alas, it’s not meant to be. They are enemies after all! But for that short while, something hot actually happened!

188. Nately + Kathleen (Anaconda)
I based them off of Tim and Dawn of the UK version of The Office. He is a soldier of the Amertis army and she is the daughter of the warlord. He had a crush on her, but she’s engaged to duke. All kept a secret until a drunken Madeline blurted it all out at Elshya’s birthday party. From there, they hooked up. Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

187. D.L. + Nikki (Heroes)
They have been through so much. Mob, debts, jail, alternate personalities, saving the world, and a kidnapping. But as D.L. put it to his wife, “You’re not getting rid of me!” He proved that until his death. Such a sad thing too, but she’s reunited with him in death. Aww….

186. Little Mo + Billy (Eastenders)
She needed to get away from her abusive monster of a husband, Trevor. Billy became Mo’s safety net. Once she got out of jail for defending herself, Billy gave her a place to stay and they fell in love. Even though Trevor tried to break them up, love still won in the end. Billy and Mo got married on Christmas day 2002. Looked like a happy ending, yeah? Unfortunately, Graham Foster saw to that otherwise when he raped her and got her pregnant. The marriage ended there. But they remained friends.

185. Damon + Carole (Anaconda)
Even though he cheated on her many times already due to Ai-Oni’s poison, Carole still took Damon back. It all seemed good from there. But then, the poison became activate again. Afraid of hurting her again, Damon left Carole to sort himself out. But, she’s not willing to let him go that easily. Carole wants to help him get through this time. Now, that’s love!

184. Ben + Nina (Reaper)
After the whole Sarah fiasco, Ben got a bunny and accidentally attracted a pretty demon named Nina. They looked pretty cute together. Sure they had their moments, but they pulled right there. Sock and Sam had their suspisions about her because of demons trying to kill Sam due him being the devil’s son. But it all turned out good. Too bad the show’s canned now. I would have loved to see more! Tee-hee!

183. Hiro + Ayeka (Gravitation/Euphoria)
Once she lost Yuki to Shuichi, Ayeka seemed to turn her attention to Hiro. I think they looked kind of cute and something *could* happen between them. That’s I kept them together in Euphoria. (Hey, I don’t break up cannon couples, okay? So sue me!)

182. Patrick + Carmelita (Dirty Sexy Money)

He loved the traine so much. Patrick even cheated on his wife for her. They went through so much and managed to survive. After it became clear that Patrick loved Carmelita over Ellen, the wife went postal and chased off the tranie mistress. Ellen became a drunk and tried to kill Patrick in the shower. It ended up with her dying by accident. Patrick tried to go public with his relationship with Carmelita. But sadly, she was murdered by Ellen’s brother. That sucked. I found Pat and Car’s relationship to be an interesting one.

181. Ella + Leon (Hex)
Here is another good pairing from the British show, Hex. They have been through so much, but managed to pull through in the end. Ella tried to put love aside and focus on the mission, but in the end her heart won out. Too bad we won’t get to see anymore of their love because the show’s been canned since ’05. Bummer! And it was so good too!


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