Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 1)

Just some of my fav couples from different forms of entertainment:

200. Stella + Mac (CSI: NY)

They look pretty cute, but I see them more as a romantic friendship. I don’t really see them sleeping together. But, maybe some kisses and flirts here and there. Plus, it would be a nice change for all of the crazies that Stella seems to attract. Let’s just hope the fireman she’s with is now a psycho as well.

199. Setsuna + Marina (Gundam 00)
Sure, they don’t get together, but it never hurts to look at it. Setsuna and Marina clearly have some sort of bond between them and Marina does care about him. In the end of the first series, Setsuna wrote a personal letter to her about his beliefs of the Gundams. See? It doesn’t hurt to think of the possbility.
198. Nikki + Peter (Heroes)
In an alternative version of the future in season 1, Nikki worked as a stripper after the bomb killed her family and she was Peter’s girlfriend. They did look kind of cute for a moment. But that’s about it. Oh well, that’s what we have fanfics for.
197. Riley + Greg (CSI)
Again, never hurts to have a little look. They do look a little cute. But then again, so do Riley and Nick. Ahhh! Now I can’t decide! What to do? What to do? Oh well, just go with it, I suppose.
196. Hamtaro + Bijou (Hamtaro)
Say what you want, but they did look cute. Bijou does like him. Hamtaro is blind to her however. (What? Stop laughing at me!) Too bad Boss can’t take a hint…
195. Anji + Callum (No Angels)
She stands up for him when he’s being bullied around. He returned the favor when her fiancee dumped her for another woman. She even helped him get a date. Plus, Anji and Callum seem to joke around with each playfully. But will they get together in the end? I won’t know since BBC America hasn’t brought the rest of the series to the states. Grrr…. I’m talking to you BBCA!
194. Chiakane + Souma (Kannazuki no Miko)
They were rumored to be together and they both love Miko. But, it never hurts to have a look. Chiakane and Souma look hot together. Almost like the perfect looking couple, but then, a Chiakane + Miko + Souma threesome would be nice…
193. Deb + Skills (One Tree Hill)
I heart cougars! I barely watch OTH, but I take a peek from time to time. (Plus, Wiki is your friend! 😉 ) I got happy when Deb and Skills hooked up by surprise on the finale of Season five. I pretty squealed in delight as they kept up their relationship. Pity they broke up in Season six. *Sigh* Maybe, they’ll get together later… *Crosses fingers*
192. Meredith + Derek (Grey’s Anatomy)
For four straight seasons, they chased each other after. Personal drama, failures, surprise marriages, insecurity, death (and coming back), and everything else in between. Mer and Der jumped through hoops to be together. So much to the point it got annoying! But after season four, they stay together and get engaged. Thank god for that, they became beyond my caring now.
191. Simone + Emerson (Pushing Daisies)
I just love seeing the woman in control. Simone manages to whipped Emerson into shape with her dog-training skills. It’s pretty amusing to see a man like him go weak for love by a woman like her. Too bad we won’t get to see more of it on TV…. (Darn you, ABC! Darn you!)

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